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We’re a group of individuals seeking to restore the restoration industry.

The American Federation of Restorers (AFOR) is a membership organization dedicated to reforming and advancing the property damage restoration industry in the United States. AFOR aims to promote education, standardization of best practices, accountability, community, and the welfare of frontline workers and homeowners. By addressing the systemic issues prevalent in the industry, AFOR seeks to eliminate frivolous spending and lawsuits, raise industry standards, and protect the rights of restoration workers.

We started AFOR because we observed the many issues plaguing the property damage restoration industry. Namely, profit-over-people contractors and insurance carriers, poor workmanship, poor treatment of frontline restoration workers, a lack of clear career growth tracks and progression structures like those present in the other skilled trades, and a general culture of mistrust among insurers, restoration company owners, frontline workers, and homeowners.

After working in the restoration industry for years ourselves, we realized that we were "helping everybody" without really helping anybody. We believe that restoration company owners and insurers should be properly compensated but not at the expense of frontline restoration workers like technicians and administrative staff. We believe that high profit margins are okay as long as the quality of work is commensurate and it's not at the expense of others.

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Our Stance on the Restoration Industry

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When we founded the American Federation of Restorers (AFOR), it was with the desire to facilitate much needed change and reform in the property damage restoration industry. After working in the industry for years, our founders made the following observations.

"Win/Win is a belief in a third alternative. It's not your way or my way; it's a better way, a higher way." - Stephen R. Covey
Our Aim

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


The American Federation of Restorers is committed to advancing the property damage restoration industry through reform and advocacy.


To create a property damage restoration industry that prioritizes education, fairness, and the well-being of frontline restoration workers and homeowners.

Core Values

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Membership Benefits

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Join a vast group of frontline restoration technicians, administrative staff, and advocates to help make the industry better for everyone! The community is bigger than the individual!
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We advocate on behalf of the underrepresented in the restoration industry. This includes frontline technicians, administrative staff, and homeowners.
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Access to Legal Counsel
Fair treatment is crucial for everyone. If you feel like you're being taken advantage by your employers through non-compete agreements and NDAs, we can help you acquire legal counsel.
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We organize annual events and conferences for our members to foster networking and community along with American Federation of Restorers updates and changes in the industry.
Learning industry best practices is crucial to be able to properly care for homeowners and their property. We help our members obtain formal education with real growth tracks and career progression structures like the other trades industries.
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We speak on behalf of our members and represent them among business owners, insurance companies, stakeholders, and those of profound influence in the restoration industry.

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